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MAGenTA: Microbial Assessment by Genome-wide Tn-Seq Analysis

A suite of tools for Tn-Seq data analysis

What is Tn-Seq?

This repository contains tools and documentation for Transposon-Sequencing (Tn-Seq) data analysis. Tn-Seq combines transposon insertional mutagenesis with high-throughput sequencing of the transposon insertion sites to identify genes contributing to a function of interest in bacteria. For more information on Tn-Seq as a method, several scientific papers have been published with detailed explanations:

MAGenTA Manual

See documentation/magentaManual.pdf for the full manual. This manual will help you to process data from either of these methods and with a little imagination probably any other variation you may use.

MAGenTA Tools

See tools/ for command-line and galaxy tools as well as workflows for galaxy. As described in the full manual, all tools are implemented in the galaxy public tool shed and available for download there.